Cronulla Sports Massage

Cronulla sports massage patients can enjoy the relief of a soothing and invigorating sports massage from our experienced and qualified masseurs at the Tranquil Loft.

Don’t put up with painful sporting injuries which cause frustrating down-time or the miseries of pain caused by muscular imbalances acquired from leaning over computers all day. Whatever the reason for your muscular pain, help is at hand for Cronulla remedial massage patients with a soothing remedial massage at the Tranquil Loft. Our expert therapists will soon have you feeling fantastic, so that you can get back to enjoying life.

Boost recovery – Boost performance

The more quality training you can put in the more rapid your skills and fitness improvement will be. Massage has been demonstrated to aid recovery from hard training sessions. By having a regular massage, you’ll be more recovered when your next quality workout comes round, enabling you to work harder and improve your fitness and performance. Regular remedial massages are also beneficial for improving athletic performance and promoting muscular/postural balance and flexibility.

Trigger point massage therapy brings you release and relief!

Trigger Point Therapy may be included with a sports massage. Trigger Points are specific points in the muscular and fascial tissues that may correspond to certain types of traditional acupuncture points. Placing pressure on these sites can release musclular tension and promote healing and recovery.

cronulla sports massage