Cronulla Remedial Massage

Cronulla remedial massage patients can take advantage of Suzanne Ward’s experience and skill whilst unwinding in the soothing atmosphere of the Tranquil Loft. Muscular pain may be acquired from workplace or lifestyle accidents or postural habits. Pain may also arise due to sporting injuries or imbalances in our body which sporting activity will concentrate and magnify.

However you have acquired pain, Suzanne will be able to release tension, helping to heal injuries and imbalances. She can also apply techniques like myofascial release and trigger point therapy. Other techniques work on subtler levels too, helping to realign the body’s natural energies and bring harmony to our mind while our bodies are soothed into a healing state. Any one of the massage styles which Suzanne offers are sure to be just right for you.

Sports Massage

Remedial massage styles may also be part of sports massage. You can get the most out of yourself and enjoy greater success in your sport with a regular sports massage. Find out more about our sports massage therapy ..

cronulla remedial massage