Cronulla Massage Therapist Suzanne Ward

Cronulla Massage Therapist, Suzanne Ward, is celebrated and highly sought after across the Shire for her know-how, intuitive talents, massage skills and client empathy. Suzanne is the founder and owner of The Tranquil Loft and a graduate of the Australasian College of Natural Therapies. She holds a Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapies and Advanced Diploma of Clinical Aromatherapy.

Treating the whole patient to restore balance, well being and harmony

Suzanne treats each client holistically, so this means treating everyone she sees as an individual. To do this she listens to her client’s history and emotions, observes each client’s physical state and then customises each massage to restore balance by working with the body as a whole. In this way, Suzanne can assist you in restoring total well-being, releasing muscular tension and allowing your body to move freely, with greater strength, improved flexibility and reduced stress and anxiety. With her many years of experience and as one of the leading Cronulla Massage Therapists, Suzanne has built a reputation for helping many people beginning from this fundamental holistic principle.

Suzanne’s passion is in body works and connecting the body as a whole both physically and mentally. This is because the body, mind, emotions and spirit are all fundamentally and dynamically interrelated. She has studied a variety of modalities to help increase her knowledge of the human body and how each facet of our body interacts with all others to create a whole: She understands that as each time a change is introduced at one level, it has a ripple effect throughout the entire body system.

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