Cronulla Aromatherapy

Cronulla Aromatherapy patients have for many years benefited from the treatments which Suzanne Ward has offered. Suzanne holds a Diploma of Clinical Aromatherapy working with the Aromatic Chemistry of oils and how to apply them safely and effectively. This ensures that patients receive appropriately prescribed, targeted and delivered therapeutic oils.

Soothe your mind, body and spirit

There are many different ways of using essential oils therapeutically, in baths, compresses, creams or lotions, inhalation and through aromatherapy massage. Aromatherapy can work subtly, through the feelings and emotions or more grossly, attracting blood flow and nutrients to injured or blocked parts of our bodies, bringing rapid relief to a whole range ailments and conditions. Most treatments use essential oils in combination with therapeutic massage.

Suzanne can provide an appropriate treatment which will target your specific needs, whilst bringing a warm inner glow to your whole day.

cronulla aromatherapy massage